Telia came to Merkle to enhance their webshop, self-service and CRM.

With a big website comes big responsibilities. But over time, the responsibilities were split between people and an ever-growing number of systems that didn't talk together.

We wanted to unite all parts and processes in one experience. Therefore, Project One.

And so, we started by creating rules: Rules of designs, tone of voice, content and much more.


Project one

We researched and made a game plan. Something Telia could buy into and see as a realistic path.

The plan was split into three stages.

Stage 01

One Experience: This stage was about making it visible, accessible and simple.

Stage 02

One Relation: This stage was about uniting, supporting and proaction.

Stage 03

One Life: This stage was about personalizing, enabling and connecting.

So we started with creating a good foundation grounded in data and user insights, later building more technologies and innovative ideas on top of that. Simply said, we wanted to build a digital Telia that could scale.


Ways of working

We needed a strong design system. So in close collaboration with the team at Telia, we worked to create a scalable design and a bunch of documentation. It was a good amount of aligning, simplifying, re-doing our processes, talking with front-end and much more.